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May Your Summer Be Bright!!

Once again the time has flown by and it's already the end of May! We are already half way through 2022!! There are so many exciting things that happen in the month of May.

First off, May is Better Hearing and Speech Month!! This is an opportunity to increase visibility about communication disorders and the role that speech pathologists and audiologists play in providing treatment and assistance. The theme for this year is "Connecting People". The American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association (ASHA) released some great information about seeking out speech therapists and audiologists. Click here to read the press release:

May is also the end of the official school year and the beginning of summer. This means summer camps, traveling, and activities that you haven't had a chance to do during the year. Who's ready to get back out there especially after being sidelined due to Covid-19?

May your summer be bright, fun, relaxing, or whatever you need it to be!! See you next time.

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